Friday, January 30, 2015

Best Training-77 Days (extra rest day)

Today I had to do some work for school, so I didn't go to CrossFit.  I also didn't have any clean underwear, but having to work sounds like a classier excuse.  I guess I could have blamed the weather too.  We got a few more inches of snow.  oh yeah, I was watching Scandal too.  (Really, I don't know how my laundry situation got so bad, but luckily tonight I am back to being knee high in fresh panties!)

Tonight I shook off the cobwebs and went out to a goal setting workshop at EverProven.  It was phenomenal!  Here are some goals I identified for 2015.

1.  Achieve a 400 lb. deadlift.
2.  Squat below parallel.
3.  Complete Spartan trifecta.

1.  Complete saving challenge.
2.  Hit my 200 lb. weight loss target.
3.  Learn to roller skate.

1.  Mail more letters to friends and family.
2.  Learn the names of fellow athletes at EverProven. 
3.  Continue to develop my feminist fathlete outreach and body positive fitness message.  

I wrote a couple of my goals down on the whiteboard (Kevin gave me a pound because we're both on our way to the 400 Club!) and had a great conversation about OCR training with Amanda and a few other Spartans and Tough Mudders.  I'm so glad I went out tonight!  

Eugene really has a gift for facilitating discussion.  Matt modeled the process of breaking a goal into action steps.  Elliott is going platinum.  Kate handed out worksheets like a boss.  So many great coaches at EverProven!  

Tomorrow will be fun.  I've got to walk/run for 4 miles.  I'm rewarding myself with a fun dance fitness outing.


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