Thursday, January 29, 2015

Beast Training-78 Days (A Walk on the Wild Side!)

Today I had my own dramatic entertainment!  Coach Kate and I hit the stairs in the Cocheco Mills Building.  I didn't know that the building was so important.  I also didn't know about the Dover flood of 1896.  I want to go back and read all the displays.

At one point we took a wrong turn!  It looked like Walking Dead!!

 We also sawsome people in line for a spaghetti lunch.  That made us hungry. mmm getties!!  *walker voice* 

Because it's week 2, we added some extra work. She told me that I could use the treadmill while the streets are a mess.

Tomorrow I'll head to CrossFit.  No piloxing though because Alex canceled class.  I'm also going to Spartan up and get through my ridiculous to-do list.  I'm really excited to do some lifting tomorrow!


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