Sunday, January 25, 2015

Beast Training-82 Days! (The Week's Highlights)

Today was another great day of Sunday Funday Restday Bestday Zumba in Westbrook.  Arabella's class is a sweatfest, and since I missed Alex's class yesterday (feel better, girl!), I decided to stay for Zumba toning.  Also tons of fun.  My bachata is improving, and my arms are tired.

This week's highlights

1.  I had to row 800 meters for part of one workout this week, and Coach Kate turned the display so I couldn't see my progress.  At one point, I breathlessly exclaimed that I hoped there was a 7 in my total meters rowed.  She said, "yes, 657."  I was over it, but we laughed!  She rocks!  

2.  Yesterday's snow made me adjust my plans, and we're supposed to get 2 feet of snow this week.  I want to make a hardcore training montage.  With burpees.

3.  Some days this goal feels insurmountable and too ambitious and ridiculously challenging.  I think about the hills and the mud and the pain and the loneliness of the Sprint (I did bond with my trusty green Camelbak Oscar), and I wonder if I can maintain for a longer distance.  It's tough being tired and sore all the time.  Self-doubt is very real because there aren't many people to talk about fathlete stuff with.

4.  At the same time I am in love with my goals and all I do every day to work towards them.  This week, I've been listening to motivating podcasts, eating my Wheaties, getting more sleep, making plans to practice more obstacles, and drinking more water.  Good for me!

5.  My hair cracks me up, and my tall socks energize me.  I should look into nifty short socks.

6.  I signed up for another powerlifting meet this week.  I'm excited to deadlift again!

All in all, a great first week.  Back at it tomorrow!  AROO! AROO! AROO!

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