Saturday, January 24, 2015

Beast Training: 83 Days!

Today's task was to go out for 3 miles.  I woke up to snow.  I hate snow.

Luckily my good buddy Alex got me some Yak Snacks for Christmas and after some lolly gagging, I threw some grease on my face, strapped up (tee hee), and marched outside.

saw our letter carrier outside, and she complained to me that she couldn't see the ice.  That made me nervous because I'm terrified of slipping on ice.  I thanked her and went on my way.  It was really slippery, so instead of doing the planned route, I walked around in circles for a bit. I did see some cool stuff!  
This is the school playground near my house.  I did some low budget non-ring rows like a boss.

I'm not sure what the nurse does here or why it's reserved.  

The homes on my street are really lovely.  The green one is mine.  

Although the weather cut the walk short, I'm proud of the fact that I went out into the snow despite being scared of falling.  When I went inside, I made us some hot cocoa which I didn't finish.

I plan on doing 2 miles tomorrow to make up for today.  Next week is 4 miles, and we're supposed to have another storm on Tuesday.  For Tuesday's update, maybe I'll do an intervals video in the snow.  You know I think I'm ready to take on Drago.  


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