Friday, January 23, 2015

Beast Training-84 Days!

Eugene and I are doing a thumbs up because his shirt is.  We're so cute!  Can T-Rex do a thumbs up??

Today was a lesson in the importance of showing up.  I am so exhausted right now.  I was supposed to be in bed an hour ago, but I stayed up to do laundry, upload some course readings for my students, do housework, and sign up for my next powerlifting meet (February 22).  

Today I had interval training, and I couldn't finish it because I was just too pooped.  2 minutes of ring rows seemed so easy until I started them!  haha I still gave it my best effort (or at least what I think was my best effort but what I now realize was a textbook case of the grouchies).

 But yeah, showing up.  Tonight Eugene asked me if I was doing the race with anyone and then asked if he could do the Beast with me.  First he said run and I told him that I'm not running.  I keeps it real.  Then he changed it to some synonym of walk, maybe amble (what a wonderful word).  In any event, I'll be sending him the information this weekend and if it all works out, we'll be teaming up and heading out to the Garden State together!  None of this would have happened if I had driven home after leaving campus and ditched my plan!  

 Eugene is especially helpful to me because he has created a mobility and mindfullness community, and I use his box breathing and stretching techniques daily.  I never knew my ankles were so tight and that I catastrophize so much!  This week he told a parable of a winter farmer and I'm taking the story as a gentle nudge for me to stay in the moment and to leave future problems in the future.  That's what got me in the gym tonight.  I knew I couldn't do everything, but I wanted to do something.

Tomorrow I go for 3 miles.  We're supposed to have a snowstorm.  This will be interesting.


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