Thursday, January 22, 2015

Beast Training: 85 Days!

I am pooped out!!  Today was endurance day and boy did we endure.  Here I am warming up by rowing.  Rowing is one of my favorite CrossFit activities.  I'm also very happy that I got to wear my cute official running pants!  

 Don't you know after all that late night sock shopping, I didn't even wear my new warm socks?  When I put them on, they just weren't moving my spirit.  I put on a pair of thin yellow ankle socks and my new orange and blue striped socks.  I think they look extra fancy with my pants.  I resisted the urge to put on a striped shirt, but probably won't next time.  Kate and I had a great time.  She is such an encouraging coach!! 

 I walked a loop that I had done in May, and it was much easier to do!  ps: I'm still learning how to bundle up for cold weather walks.

 Tomorrow I'm going to CrossFit, and I told Kate that I would walk that loop before and after class.  It's important for me to walk, get tired, and then keep walking.  This process will prepare me for the long-lasting physical demands of the race.

 My shoes held up well too!  I'll have to break out my new ones soon. 


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