Monday, January 19, 2015

Beast Training-88 Days!

Farmer carries aren't half bad!  
Today was my first training day.  Wow, was it tough!  I started this morning like I always start Monday mornings, barre class with Alex.  I think the highlight of class was when Alex came over and tapped me on the back of my knee to correct my lunge form.  I don't think I ever felt more love than I did at that moment.  oh wait, yes I did.  I felt more love when Alex walked with me across the icy patches in front of Joy of Dance.  We walked with Wendy, and that was fun.  Getting fit with Alex means having the confidence and leg power to hobble across icy expanses.  Note to self: Next week remember to take a pic of my barre outfit and me owning push ups.  

Around 4, I headed over to EverProven to get to work on the strength circuit that Coach Kate made. After a quick trip to the bathroom for selfies and to think hard about what I was undertaking, I got to work.  

This is going to be so awesome!
Hey, this bathroom is pretty nifty.

Wait, did I read the paper correctly?
It says 3 rounds!  We got this!!   
It was a nice mix of exercises, and the highlight was seeing how much my plank had improved.  I was able to hold it multiple times!  I watched the cutie pie CrossFit kids class (Those kids had great pistol squats!!) I finished the work in about an hour, just in time to see the 5pm class come in.  Kate let me practice being a coach.  I got to tell everyone that they were doing a good job at the warm up (monkey raises, squats, and burpees).  I think I needed a whistle to make it feel more official.  A whistle or a paycheck.

Even the boxes are Spartans at EverProven!
I would have joined the class, but I had to leave for tap.
ok, I had no plans of joining the class.

 Several people asked me what I was doing, and when I told them, they said that a trifecta is a great goal and that they were impressed.  Scott said he was proud of me, and since I basically think Scott is a superhero, that made me feel extra nifty.

On my way to tap dance, I got a FB message from Elisabeth Akinwale.  I wrote to her a few days ago.  She sent me a really sweet note of encouragement and said that she hopes our paths cross in Boston this weekend.  That made my life!  What a great way to end the training day!


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