Sunday, January 18, 2015

Beast Training-89 Days!

On Sundays I rest.  Resting used to mean not doing any exercise, but I found that this approach made Monday extra torturous!  Things got better when I started swimming, and recently I started going to a fabulous Zumba class in Westbrook, Maine, taught by Arabella Perez.  This class is so good that I have no qualms about driving an hour!  I leave a sweaty mess, and the class keeps my muscles from locking up.  It's also fun to take the class with Samaa and grab brunch afterwards.  Much more enjoyable than a day on the couch.

 While driving to Westbrook, I listened to the Spartan Up podcast.  It made me want to up early tomorrow and get to it!  Eugene, one of the CrossFit coaches, recently uploaded a video about morning routines.  I'll try a new one tomorrow.  Here's what I took away from today's podcast listen, "No junk miles."  I take this to mean that I should give every workout my all.  

Because I go back to teaching this week, I want to make sure I have healthy stuff to eat.  I prepped some steak fajitas, a pot of collard greens and smoked turkey, and a pan of cauliflower rice.  I'll also be sure to have at least 120 ounces of water daily.  I did an art project with my Wheaties box too.  Affirm yourself with every flake!  

Kate sent me my training schedule for the next 2 weeks, so tomorrow is my first day to get busy!  It looks challenging, and I'm going to give it my best.  No junk miles!

Here's the obligatory workout photo.  I snapped it before Zumba.  I was not this cute once class was over.  ps: I will step my selfie game up.  


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