Friday, February 13, 2015

Beast Training-63 Days!

Today was an awesome Friday the 13th day of Soartaning up!  Friday's are interval/CrossFit days.  I like doing my intervals, but I like classes where the pace is set for me.  I strolled into the 5:45 class like the queen that I am and proceeded to give the people what they want. 

2 big victories today!
1.  I graduated to a bigger box for my scaled hand stand push ups.  I'm afraid of heights, so anytime I can trust my arms to keep me from falling, I feel a real sense of accomplishment.  

2.  I went to Piloxing after CrossFit, and because I was the only friend there, Alex put together a lovely stretching routine.  I was encouraged by the increased flexibility in my hips.  I remarked that this was a good routine to do before Valentine's Day, and we had a hearty laugh.  Let's face it.  Our relationship is a series of hearty laughs.

I had to go to a workshop at school and I successfully avoided soda and brownies. This is not to say that these are no good. I'm glad I didn't have them because carbonation and excess sugar make my stomach hurt, and I chose not to trade momentary yummies for physical pain.  Also, can we get some Pepsi up in here?

I picked up Valentine's Day presents and didn't eat any chocolate.  Look at God!  🙋 I was hyped for chocolate milk when I got home, but Brian had dark chocolate syrup.  I felt so duped.  That stuff is nasty!

Tomorrow is my Valentine's Day workout with Brian.  No, not that!  We're going to Alex's class and CrossFit.  Good times for our heart before Sunday's blizzard.

I'll post pics from previous year's Valentine's workouts.  I wonder if we'll look much older.  AROO!  AROO!  AROO!  

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