Monday, February 16, 2015

Valentine's Beast Training-62 days

Soon the race will be 2 months away!  yikes.  Time certainly flies by.  Every day I hope I'm doing enough to prepare, and I just think about facing a steep hill and wanting to pass out.  It's really nerve wracking, even though I know I should leave future problems in the future.  I should really start thinking about what pack I'm taking.  I still have my pal Oscar, but I bought a bigger purple one.  No name yet.  We'll see what she feels like during race day (if I take her).  

Today I went to Dance Fusion and it was fun.  I actually sweated a good amount and worked extra hard on squatting low. Now if I could only get those lunges lower.  meh, be patient, right?

I emailed Coach Royce about setting up a meeting for next week.  I want to talk to him about building strength while losing weight.  I also want to chat about protein sources.

It's snowing again and the gym is closed tomorrow.  I should have gone today, but I chose to do some writing work, housework, and shopping.  I needed more lotion!  hmm, I wonder if one of those Leslie Sansone videos would be a good substitute tomorrow.  

Things are starting to get busy around here.  The Open starts soon, spring conference travel will begin, and classes are rolling along.  I have to be vigilant about making time for my Spartan activities.  When I meet with Coach Royce, I want to set another weight loss goal for the race.  I'll definitely be in the 200s.  Could I make it to 250 by April?  Probably not, but I can definitely make it by June.

ok, time for bed.  I think shoveling is a good workout.  AROO!  AROO!  AROO!

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