Friday, August 28, 2015

Unbothered Day 28: Bring Your Own Sunshine!

When we're starting out with new habits, it can feel overwhelming.  This is why I propose having teeny weeny goals.  However, even after we feel pretty established sometimes we can feel discouraged.  When that happens it might be time to get creative.  Be your own hype team!  Bring your own sunshine!

I jazzed up this Wheaties box this past winter while I was training for my first Spartan Beast.  Girl, don't wait for folks to put you on a cereal box.  Sometimes you have to do it yourself.    

My box has pics of me at CrossFit, a picture of bouncy baby goats (the official mascot of Team Bow Down-my first Spartan Sprint team), and Blue Ivy Carter because I live for her and her mama.  This cereal made me so happy every time I ate it.

Today I'm quick to make up a cute song or a victory dance.  I'll body roll at the drop of a hat. Anything to celebrate me!

Thought For Today:  What creative tactics could I use to celebrate myself?

If you want some tips, drop me a line!  I love stuff like this.

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